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  • TRAUMA: Having a special interest in the study of grief and mourning, I assist individuals in a process that deepens their understanding of how they have been impacted by acute or accumulative traumatic experiences.
  • ASSESSMENT OF SUBSTANCE AND ALCOHOL USE: I provide a non-judgmental environment to assist individuals who wish to contemplate and assess their use of drugs, alcohol, and sexual behaviors.
  • SUBSTANCE MISUSE: I am trained in both abstinence based and Harm Reduction models of psychotherapy. I am well-versed in 12 Step facilitation, and work with people in both early recovery and those with stable sobriety who wish to explore deeper concerns. Given the fact that abstinence is not everyone’s goal, I also work with those who wish to minimize the negative impact of their use of alcohol and substances.
  • CHRONIC ILLNESS: I work with people newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and also with those encountering its long term impact. In addition, I have experience working with people who have other chronic health concerns.
  • ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: After a career of working as a performer, I am in the unique position of helping entertainers to maintain their sense of cohesion in maneuvering the chaotic and stressful world of show business. I work with individuals who struggle with performance anxiety, and also consult with performers who are contemplating a career transition.


I have maintained an independent psychotherapy practice in Greenwich Village, NYC, for more than 20 years. I am recognized by NY State as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and my licensure is insurance reimbursable. I have trained at two of the finest Psychoanalytic Institutes in the country, The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity (New York, NY) and The Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (Los Angles, CA) where I earned a Doctorate in Psychoanalysis (Psy.D). My paper, “Addiction and Pathological Accommodation: Impediments to the Utilization of Alcoholics Anonymous,” was published in the 2009 spring edition of The International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.


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